Thursday, June 23, 2011

Handmade Thursday ~ Upcycling

For Handmade Thursday linkup over at White Lily Greens blog this week im showing you what ive managed to make with 1 of my daughters outgrown school dresses that had a paint stain on so no good for the charity shop ....... i didn't want to just bin it as the gingham fabric is actually quiet nice lol

So first up take 1 old dress

Take it apart ..........

And use your imagination!!

Ive managed so far to make the following items, ok my sewing skills aint that good but this is all good practice using my machine and learning :)

First up a carrier bag holder ....

Second up is a pin/needle wallet thingy ma jig lol well its got felt fabric pages inside to hold all my needles etc

And then this its just a little sachet bag, am gonna make a couple more as i've still got fabric left and fill them with lavender from the garden to make the cupboards etc smell nice.

And lastly a little rosette flower that i'll attach to a hairfrip for DD will also make some more of these!

So give recycling a go you can make all sorts with scraps of fabric :)

Thanks for reading my blog and if you'd like to check out what fellow crafty bloggers have been creating this last week then head over to white lily greens blog where all the linkups are.

Inspire Me Beautiful

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Handmade Thursday ~ Felt Dahlia

For this weeks handmade thursday over at white lily greens blog im showing you a felt dahlia that i made last week.
Its very simple to make and can be used as a hairgrip,brooch etc
Im just waiting on some brooch backs i ordered to attach it to, think ill order some more different less bright coloured felts to make more with :)

Do pop over to White Lily Greens blog and check out other crafty peeps creations every thursday in the link up :)

Inspire Me Beautiful

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New blog

Ive decided to change my blog name and set up a new blog as missdaisy crafts just didn't seem suitable now as im blogging about more than just crafts nowadays so welcome to A pocket Full Of Daisys << had to get a daisy in the title somewhere hehe

Thanks to all who follow me and i hope you enjoy reading my blog posts although at the moment they are few and far between due to being busy and not getting online as much as i do in the winter!

Jane x