Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New blog

Ive decided to change my blog name and set up a new blog as missdaisy crafts just didn't seem suitable now as im blogging about more than just crafts nowadays so welcome to A pocket Full Of Daisys << had to get a daisy in the title somewhere hehe

Thanks to all who follow me and i hope you enjoy reading my blog posts although at the moment they are few and far between due to being busy and not getting online as much as i do in the winter!

Jane x


  1. Hi Jane,

    I just got a msg from Lakota from faithhopeandcharity swap that you had some prob with your old blog, sorry abt that...i'm your swap partner and look forward to get to know u as i would like to know what you like for the swap :) i did commented a few times in your old blog and now i know the reason why i didnt get a reply :) btw i'm your newest follower, prepare to be stalked hehehe

    Susan at

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