Sunday, July 3, 2011

Raggy Heart Wreath

After seeing MissieLizzies Handmade thursday the other week when she made a heart wreath out of ribbon scraps made me think of a good use for the leftover school dress fabric that i had been creating with.

So this morning ive got to work cutting strips up with my pinking shears ........ i now have a lovely blister on my hand to prove ive been working hard!! lol

And then just tied them all onto a heart shape made from gardening wire.


Quick tip...... If your pinking shears get blunt just cut up some baking foil its sharpens them up a treat! I had to do this as below is a pic of my pinking shears that i nabbed off my mum and she got them late 70's early 80's lol yay for vintage pinking shears lol

If you would like to have a go at making one of these lovely then head over to Red Ted Art's Blog where theres a guest post on how to make a Rag Heart by Mary Poppins Home Sweet Home


  1. Hello Jane,
    What a wonderful raggy heart wreath!! It turned out just grand! I'll have to try my hand at that someday. Your felt dahlia is darling, too! You are one talented lady...I can see how you and Miss Tea get along...what fun to swap each others goodies.

    Thanks for the scissor sharpening tip.

    Have a blessed day,

  2. OOooohh i have to get one of those pinking shears! I absolutely adore your rag wreath, it's soo cute! now that is a great way of using leftover fabric! going to head over to see how to make this! thanks for sharing and posting it, Jane!

    xx Susan

  3. Marianne thankyou for the lovely comments x

    Susan look foward to seeing your creation if you get around to making one x

  4. That's lovely - and I love the fact it's made out of school dress fabric, what a brilliant use for all too-small school uniforms!

  5. That's lovely, very pretty -I love hearts.
    I don't have any pinking shears, keep meaning to buy some - great tip!

  6. This is so cute, lovely country style. Someone cut paper with my picking shears, so I have a strongly worded label attached to them and my fabric sissors that they are not to be used on ANYTHING other than fabric! Will try the tinfoil.

  7. Thanks for all the lovely comments my daughter hounded me to make another one to give to her teacher as an end of term present ..... hope the teacher likes recycled stuff lol