Thursday, January 26, 2012

Handmade Thursday Little Felt Owl

On my quest to find some things to make on the theme on owls i came across a wonderful tutorial to make an adorable little felt and fabric owl Here

Now i will admit i am no expert when it comes to sewing but i found this little chap very simple and easy to sew together.

He's not quiet finished yet as ive no toy stuffing in my craft stash but thats just a good excuse to visit the craft shop ;0

I'm sure my daughter is going to be very happy with him once hes finished and i will add a ribbon loop to the top so she can hang him somewhere in her bedroom.

Im linking this up to Handmade Thursday over at her blog whitelilygreen


  1. That is gorgeous!!!! What a lovely make!
    Thanks so much for linking up to Handmade Thursday!! :D

  2. I am sure you daughter will love it! I think it is adorable! I think it would make a really cute little cushion as well, if you did one a little larger :)

  3. He's SO CUTE!!!

    Bet your daughter will love him. Thanks for the link, I'm going to check that out. x

  4. Oh he's darling, love anything made from felt, I'm now itching to get my felt stash out and have a craft sesh, I'll add it to the massive list! :)

  5. Thanks for al the lovely comments and look foward to seeing your makes if you make one x

  6. totally adorable! so cutee and i love the color theme you chose for the felts and the fabric is lovely! i'm so tempted to have a go myself!

    x susan

  7. Susan id love to see your owl if you make one its so easy and can be made in any range of colours i might even make another myself sometime :)