Monday, March 26, 2012

The "Jeanius" challenge

A while back Liz from Me&MyShadow asked if anyone would be interested in an upcycled jeans challenge!

Well i'm never the one to turn down a challenge as 
1. It gets me motivated and inspired to craft and ....
2. It saves me from the ironing hehe ;0

So i got to work chopping up an old pair of jeans i don't wear anymore and this is what i came up with.

First up a simple cushion cover with added floral fabric.
I've been wanting to get the sewing machine back out for a while but had no idea what to make and this was perfect to get some more sewing practice in!
It's just a simple envelope cushion cover so really easy to make and my daughter has already claimed it for her bedroom!

2nd make was a simple denim and red dotty fabric brooch with a gorgeous big red button in the middle :)

And last but not least some simple notecards using up the fabric scraps i just cut out flower shapes and added buttons then mounted onto backing papers, they'll make lovely thankyou cards i think!

I've still quiet a bit of fabric left over but I've run out of time to craft as we've got builders in this week ripping all our heating and hot water system out (Arghhhhhhh!) so I've had to pack all my crafting stuff away :(


  1. Oh wow, your makes are gorgeous.

    The cards are so sweet and perfect for 'just in case' cards - always nice to have a stash handy.

    Thanks so much for linking up and good luck with the builders! x

  2. Such creative idea's..I will have to save my old jeans from now on. I love the brooch!

  3. I love your projects! The cards are really pretty. It's amazing what you can make from an old pair of jeans!

  4. Absolutely beautiful - as always! Loving Liz's challenges. I really must join in!

    Thanks so much for linking up to Handmade Thursday xx

  5. What a great idea. I love your cards. I saw a tutorial once about making a bag out of the top part of an old pair of jeans. So you cut the legs off to make other things. It was really simple and you could embellish the bag to make it really unique. First time I've visited your blog and I love it. Love Katie xx

  6. Thanks for the lovely comments x

    katie if you check out liz's blog that i linked the challenge to she made a fab bag out of her old jeans x