Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Learning to crochet

For years I've tried to learn how to crochet but have always failed miserably and given up.

My mum has always been good at crochet but she's left handed so I could never follow what she was doing to learn from her!

So the other week I decided it was about time I found the patience to learn and looked up some tutorials on YouTube which have been a great help!

And I'm delighted that I've finally figured it out ....... Well I've mastered the granny square so far whoop whoop!

Now to start stocking up on more wool so I can hopefully learn to crochet flowers etc aswell :)


  1. Yay! Well done! Crochet scares me! That looks fab!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. There's a thought - I could do with having a left-hander to teach me how to crochet so I'll ask my left-handed friend to help.

    Well done for making a granny square. I've bought several granny square blankets from charity shops but never worked out how to make my own.

    1. Have a look on youtube im sure theres some tutorials for left hand crochet on there!
      I've only managed to learn through watching video tutorials and once you get the hang of it its so easy x

  3. Yay well done, I want to learn too but have never got round to getting motivated. Need to check out youtuve for tutorials and maybe I will have my first granny square too.